Commercial Heating & Catering Engineers

Gascure Total Maintenance offer over 30 years experience. We can help commercial clients with the following services.

Gas Service & Maintenance & PPM
Installation of gas appliances for LPG or Natural Gas
Testing, Commercial Purging & Commissioning gas appliances, UGE/1A
Commercial Radiant Tube Heaters
Commercial Kitchen Interlock Systems
Warm Air Heaters
Gas Fired Water Heaters
Indirect Fired Warm Air Heaters
Commercial Air Handling Units
Tube Heaters
Commercial Laundry gas equipment
Meter Installs
Plaque Heaters
Commercial gas fryers
Commercial Kitchen equipment to current standards
Commercial Kitchen gas safety inspections and Landlords Certificates
Gas Central heating boilers/systems all types
Mobile Catering Inspections/Catering Trailer Inspection Reports
LPG Gas Safety Inspection Reports
Leisure Gas Safety Inspection Reports
Caravan/Park Home Inspection reports
Legionella Testing to Acop L8 & Legionella Assessments

Is your commercial kitchen legally compliant?

Legislation (Interlocking In Commercial Kitchens). BS6173 – effective from 1st April 2001. Specification of gas fired catering appliances for use in all types of catering establishments (2nd and 3rd family gases).

The requirement for interlocking canopy extraction systems to the gas supply is specified in regulation 27(4) of the Gas Safety (installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR). This regulation requires that any power-operated flue must shut off the gas supply in the event of a failure that prevents effective removal of the products of combustion. It applies to catering extraction canopies, although it is accepted that extraction canopies are not flues in the strictest sense, apart from extracting steam and grease from the kitchen – they also extract products of combustion from the air and therefore are classified of equal status with powered flues.

Competence; we offer experienced engineers specifically qualified to carry out work within this specialised area. (Comcat qualified)

If you are unsure whether your kitchens are legally compliant then contact us for a free survey and peace of mind.